Turn your spending into The Freedom Project fundraising!


The Good Card Program enables its members to generate cashback revenue from in store and online purchases that can seamlessly and transparently be shared with community groups and registered charities.

The Freedom Project is currently available as a beneficiary option for Good Card members.

The Program, whilst in it's early stages, has a growing number of in store and online retailers and service providers to purchase from to generate the fundraising revenue.

We invite you to join The Program as a passive way to help us boost our much needed fundraising.

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200 plus in store and online businesses to help boost fundraising.

The issuer of the Good Card Visa Prepaid Card, and Co-Branded variations, is Indue Ltd ABN 97 087 822 464. The Good Card Pty Limited ABN 21 609 762 601 (TGC) has been appointed as a third party agent of the issuer Indue Ltd based in Brisbane, Australia. Indue is not the provider of The Good Card Program and plays no role in managing it or providing any services in relation to it. Indue does not hold any funds in relation to The Good Card Program or any rebates or rewards issued under it. TGC is not acting on behalf of Indue in relation to The Good Card Program or its operation.

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