Spend daily. Give daily.

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Spend daily.
Give daily.

The Good Card enables you to earn and automatically share cashback savings with your community and charities of choice.

Become a Good Spender Now

Turn your spending into social change

Create an account. Link your three favourite fundraisers to it. Spend through our Business Partners to earn cash rewards which we collect and transparently pass on to your nominated beneficiaries.

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Everyday spending
is a flexible fundraiser

Imagine dining out or shopping either in-store or online and knowing you’re raising funds for up to three of your favourite charities or community groups. Feels great, doesn’t it?

So much better than
your current card

The Good Card Program lets you earn and share cash rewards. Nominate and donate to three beneficiaries of your choice from every dollar spent on your Good Card at our participating businesses.

Manage & track your
fundraising activity

Your spending and fundraising activity is accessible through your online account. Here you can allocate funds, change which beneficiaries you’re sharing with, or put money towards something you need.

Suppose that Iva switched to The Good Card, earned cash rewards and shared them this way:

Simply by spending $100 at one of our reward partners who is offering 10% cashback as a thanks for spending with them.


30% to her daughter's football club

Tap & Go Giving

Easy fundraising when you use The Good Card at participating businesses.


30% to her son's school


Change beneficiaries and the percentage they receive whenever you like.


40% to her favourite NGO


View all your activity at a glance, through your Good Card account.

*The Good Card retains 30% of any generated reward to fund its platform operations. Our plan is to bring this under 20% ASAP.

Become a Good Spender now

If you’re one of the first 1000 cardholders, we will waive your first year’s subscription fee. Then you simply link it to your everyday bank account, for everyday spending. Spending never felt so good – giving was never easier.

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